Workshops with The HairFerry!


I am really excited to be in the “COMING SOON” stages of exclusive styling-1 day-workshops to teach other “Hairstyling Enthusiasts” all the things I love about doing hair! I want to accommodate those who are interested in learning and have asked me to teach over the years.  I LOVE styling hair and I truly can’t wait to share my ninja hair skills with all of you! Currently looking for host salons. Want to ‘Host” a workshop? Email me and let’s talk!

Larger workshops will reach out to more people…and also keep ticket prices down.  I will aim to keep classes to a maximum of 25 students per class.  The workshop is both Demonstration and Hands-On and lasts from 9am-3pm. I will ideally have some one-on-one with each student throughout the class. I want everyone to get an amazing, fun, inspiring education during the demo portion and throughout the informative hands on portion as well. $300.00 per person

I will also have smaller workshops, with a maximum of 16 students per class. The workshop is both Demonstration and Hands-On and lasts from 9am-3pm. Keeping this class scaled-down enables me to provide even more hands on training and longer 0ne-on-one time with each of my wonderful students. $400.00 per person

And finally, I will offer an exclusive session of 8 students per class here in Los Angeles, CA.  The workshop is both Demonstration and Hands-On and lasts from 9am-4pm. This way you can choose the cool hairstyles you want to learn! Did you see a style on a magazine and want to figure out how they did it? I can help with that. Want to do braids, like the character Angela wore on The Office? Ever want to learn several different bun hairstyles like I did on Bunheads? Interested in learning how I do the “beach waves” seen on Pretty Little Liars? How about the styles on The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Veronica Mars, ER?  Let’s do it! Sound fun to me. I love sharing my passion, energy and inspirations for hair. $550.00 per person



Braids, Updo Styles, Buns, Perfect Beach Waves, Vintage looks, Editorial style and supplementing hair by adding Clip Extensions.  I will also share my Social Media ideas, “on set top-secret” Hollywood hair tricks and personal stories about life in LA and what to expect when you get your big break.


ALL workshops are with live models, mannequins should be a last resort. (but will do in a pinch)

If you are from out of state and can’t have a model present, a mannequin head is acceptable, but always try to hire a local model if possible. Ideally a model would have collarbone length or longer with average to long layers.  Face framing layers are acceptable. Short bangs will limit what you can do, so bangs at cheekbone length are ideal. Models should arrive with clean dry, straight hair. If it is naturally curly, please smooth with blow out or flat iron before class. Please note models are not allowed in the room during the demo, only for the hands on portions.

I have gone through extensive product trial and error, years of testing and honestly, it would be easier to bring the items I list for you if you don’t mind. You may find some new fav’s! (see below)


Hairspray (medium hold, strong hold) *Bedhead, Hask or Moraccan Oil

Dry Shampoo (spray & powder) *Dove, R&Co, Oribe, Hask

Dry Texture Spray  *Oribe-my FAV!

Shine Spray *Biosilk

Setting Spray   *aqauge setting spray, Wet Sands

Tancho Wax stick

1 Brush  *wet brush

1 all flat bristle toothbrush-use with toothbrush for stray hair!

matt/flat bobbie pins, small thin hair pins, large thick hair pins

commare styling comb (one side metal pick, one side plastic comb)

pin curl hair clips, yoyettes

small elastics, pony tail holders thin and thick

1″ flat iron

1″curling iron

1 mini flat iron

Blow Dryer

1 power strip for all electrical needs

1 small cape for model shoulders (we will be hair spraying!)

Please wear comfy shoes! Bring water for you and your model. Lunch break mid day. We are going to have some FUN! Who is ready to style hair fearlessly?!?

I CAN’T WAIT to share these workshops with all of you!!!!


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