HairFerry Hot Spots:

The HairFerry Hot Spots heat mats take the fear out of accidentally burning or scratching countertops and tabletops.
Our heat mats are made of heat resistant, non-abrasive silicone, the raised patterned design allows for an easy grip when setting down hot irons while styling. These slip resistant silicone trivets can also be placed underneath the hot irons to add extra protection and to prevent sliding while in use, while also giving all hot items a safe place to cool down. Why you can even use them as a jar opener, pot holder, coaster for hot bowls of food, and under laptops and cutting boards as an anti slip pad! It lays very flat and firm on any surface. Especially great for hot glue guns and Arts & Crafts! All this and they are dishwasher safe.These flexible trivets can roll up for easy and compact storage or travel as well.
Hot Spots Heat Mats measure 8 ½ -inches by 10 ½ -inches. They fit snugly underneath any hair care tools you may own. HairFerry Hot Spots are heat resistant up to 500 degrees and come in TEN prominent colors. You are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Not to worry…all is safe now in your hair care world.


(Color)    HairFerry Color Name:
Clear:      Transparent
Black:      Obsidian
Red:         Radical Red
Pink:        Blush Rush
Purple:     Impulsive Purple
Orange:   Orange Appeal
Blue:         Brilliant Blue
Green:      Lucky Charm Green
Brown:     Chocolate Brown
Yellow:     Mellow Yellow

Other Uses:

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