y Editorial Journey began in Loz Feliz, CA doing hair & makeup in those days for many “yet to be discovered” actors, commercial actors and models turned actors in need of some new and different head shots. This opportunity was a gift. My skills evolved on the job and eventually led me to styling hair for the front pages of dozens of famous magazines throughout the country…and even internationally.
It was a dream come true. And even now, when I think about those early days, I can’t help but smile. It was a great adventure and I was soaking up everything I could.

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In 1993 I was working with an amazing photographer, Vincent Versace, doing “head shots” for actors and models in his studio in Los Feliz, CA. I instantly loved it! I was doing makeup and hair and learning so much from Vincent about photography, natural light, reflection boards and how to keep your client calm, happy and looking their best. We were a great team and I credit him for helping me build the confidence I have today. I also met and happily worked with the talented Kate Romero, another fantastic photographer. We teamed up for photos shoots with actors, musicians, professional skaters and different catalog jobs for years! Both of these visionary photographers showed me my self worth as a creative artist. they guided me, taught me about communicating with the actors and clients and made it a fun experience along the way.
I gained more confidence with each passing day. I realized I could do beautiful hair and a variety of makeup that was unique to each client and their needs. I stood out…and I quickly found my skills in high demand. I was getting calls from actors, clothing designers and other photographers to work with them. I was booking jobs all over California! I was paid to travel, had great hotels, new fun locations and exciting clients. Soon, the Television world opened up to me as well and my career as an “On Set Hair and Makeup Artist” began. I knew what my goals were and I was focused on them. On April 10, 1996, I was initiated into the I.A.T.S.E. union, (Local 706 in Los Angeles) and I was a full time hairstylist, running my own TV show. I can speak from experience…hard work, confidence and believing in yourself pays off! Above, I have shared some of the Magazine Covers, Ads, Catalogs & Features I was hired to style from 1993 until today. Some I only did hair, others makeup & hair. I am so very grateful for those early days, and for the two photographers who really launched me into the career I enjoy today. Never burn a bridge in this business and always be grateful for any help you get along the way.
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