“Hollywood Life” feature


Bonnie Fuller’s “Hollywood Life” features full interview with Kim Ferry, read the full interview over at Hollywoodlife.com

“Huffington Post” -“Pretty Little Liars” feature


Huffington Post feaured Kim Ferry interview: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Hairstylist Explains ‘Softer, Yet Vulnerable’ Season 4 Look
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New York Times feature


The “paper of record”, The New York Times features Kim Ferry talking about hair trends.
Full Article here: NYTimes.com

What I’ve learned falling down the Manufacturing Rabbit Hole.

As a single mom entrepreneur I have had to walk down many an unknown path.  I have had to blindly seek out manufacturers for each item I design for my line of products.  My goal is to have everything made here in the USA.  A seemingly difficult task as most people think everything is manufactured in China.

Despite popular perception, the United States is still the world’s largest manufacturing economy, producing 22% of the world’s manufactured products, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, a Washington, D.C. based trade and lobbying group.  China comes in second, at 13%, and Japan is third, at 11%, says Erin Streeter, the group’s assistant vice-president for communications.


A few days to enjoy just being a mom…

On December 21st our show, The Office, shut down for Hiatus (show biz for “we stop filming”) until January 7th, 2013.  During this time off, I always feel pressure to work on HairFerry.  I try and plan meetings, continue to fine tune new products and of course do any projects around the house that need to be done.  With two young boys…there is always something.  I look forward to seeing friends, playing with my kids and sleeping in past my usual 4 to 5am wake up calls that I have when I am working on set full time.  But the thing that really gets me excited about these small breaks in filming is being a mom…full time. That opportunity is priceless to me.

I cannot put into words how much it means to me to take my sons to school.  To pick them up, to stay and watch school assemblies.  To volunteer in their classrooms and to just have play dates with them and other families.  Even small talk, seemingly simple chats with other moms about kids, home, life make me smile.


A New Year has arrived.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe 2013 is here?

Wow, what a month…actually…what a year!  I’ve been really busy at my usual day job, running the hair department for “The Office” and of course full time job as “Mom”.  We are finishing our final season so the episodes have been packed full of fun surprises for the fans…not leaving a lot of spare time for me to focus on my side business.  That said, I feel I have made some real break throughs in December and heading into January I feel happily optimistic, I’ve even managed some fun outings with my boys as well.  it was a good year all in all.

AT LAST, I finally have my Cape design and my Caddy design sorted out!!! I am so close to actually having a ‘product line’!  Although i do love my little Hot Spot Mats, they were very good to me and really got my name out there in the industry last year.  I am starting to get recognized by my industry peers too.  It’s funny, at union meetings or social get togethers when I introduce myself, many folks stop and ask…”Kim Ferry, as in the ‘HairFerry’? I have your mat…I love it!”


2012…Let’s talk about what has been going on.

HERE WE GO.  I am so close to getting caught up!  Last time I wrote, I sat down over several days  and really wrote out details from my 2011 adventures involving the start of my first (and only) business, HairFerry Inc.  I have been making notes in a “timeline” the whole time, but really intended to keep a blog, but as life and time can just slip by I did not get it together and now find myself playing catch up to get to a point where I can do one blog weekly.  (I am so close!)  My goal-rapidly approaching…is to continue writing about my small business, how it’s is blooming…or wilting along the way so others may be going through the same thing can relate…and respond.


OfficeTally : “Kim braids Angela’s hair”


Kim Ferry gets featured on OfficeTally.com, talking about her work on NBC’s “The Office”.
To read full article, clik here!

HairFerry Inc…almost a year to catch up on!

Hello Blogging World.

Is it really September 2012? Yikes.  I had great intentions of writing and sharing my adventures from my journey of entrepreneurial exploits.  Sadly…as you can tell by the date this is posting, and the date of my last post, it did not happen.  But fear not…I have kept a timeline journal! Ok, not here on my blog, but on my trusty sidekick laptop (a.k.a. ancient MacBook) with the intention of having a guide to use so that when I did have time to write, I would have a “cheat sheet!” (Please don’t judge) I did mention in my first post that I am a single mother, working full time at a very demanding day job while trying to juggle time with my sweet sons and create a cool line of unique hair tools.  Whenever something major happened I really tried to make a note of it…however I was working many 16 hour days and some things did slip by without my preserving it historically.So with that, I am going to attempt to catch up and bring you all up to date in just a few ‘diary inspired’, humbly written blogs.  So buckle up-here we go gang!  (even if there is only one of you out there…here we go pal!


How I became a “Single Mom Entrepreneur”

I am an S.M.E.  There, I have officially outed myself. Defined it means; Single Mom Entrepreneur.  I have always wanted to start my own business but I just didn’t really know how to go about doing it…or what exactly I should ‘start’.  I mean, I love baking, so I have often thought of opening a bakery.  But I work full time and without a partner to help launch it…it seemed so out of reach.

I love being a hairstylist, but do not want to own my own salon.  I am better suited to working in the entertainment industry doing films and television and the occasional print jobs with the talent,  actors and musicians that I know.  No, not a salon…but what then? How could I blend my love of hairstyling, hair tools and hair products with a business all my own?

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