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Steve PB Photo

I came across this wonderful “Behind the Scene” moment while scrolling through my iphoto’s a few weeks ago.  It made me pause, think…and smile. This is what I do for a living people. The prep before the scene. SOOOO Glamorous! Right? My hands smelled like peanut butter for the rest of the afternoon.
Watch You Tube of the scene they filmed just AFTER I applied the peanut butter to poor Steve! He was always such a good sport about every crazy stunt!

See video of the episode, specifically this scene:

Steve sits in my hair chair for 7 seasons.  He is a great  actor, and a nice man. He was always kind to his cast and crew.

Steve sits in my hair chair for 7 seasons. He is a great actor, and a nice man. He was always kind to his cast and crew.

Yes, there were many good times after 9 long…full years on The Office.  Gosh, so many changes over the years, and so many wonderful moments with some of the most talented performers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with.  Spending a decade together really gives you time to see each other evolve.  Many of the crew and cast were single and got married, bought houses, new cars, or had children and some others weathered losses of family members, faced divorce and had their own struggles to bare, yet we all felt like a family.   A dysfunctional family we would often joke, but a family none the less.  I was scrolling through my ‘office photos’ having a lovely trip down memory lane the last few days.  I feel like I never really had the chance to let the end of the show hit me.  No time to mourn the loss of a huge part of my life. I myself worked thought a pregnancy of my second son Connor, my first born, Everett, would often come to set at lunch time and the actors would wander over to our picnic table to say hello and remind him of the amazing sweets at craft service!  Yes, Ev loved coming to see mom at work. I often looked at him and thought, wow, this child is part of history, will he understand how cool it was for him to hang with all of these great actors?  They would all try to make him smile-crazy huh?   And then, when I was about to give birth, Jenna, Angela and Kate threw me a mini baby shower at Hugos.  I couldn’t believe it!  I already had so much boy stuff from my first son, but they made a special effort to take me out and give me a few new things just for Connor.  Of course being hormonal, I cried.  It was very sweet and thoughtful and I will remember it forever.

My Hair Station in the office trailer, my second home

My Hair Station in the office trailer, my second home

I eventually had the pleasure of attending both Jenna and Angela’s baby showers on the lot.  The production threw them each a surprise party-for their babies-to be! It was so fun! Great times, nice memories.

Angela’s Baby Shower Extravaganza!

Angela's Baby Shower "On Set"

Angela’s Baby Shower “On Set”

Leslie, Angela, Phyllis and Jenna looking adorable!

Leslie, Angela, Phyllis and Jenna looking adorable!

Then I saw a moment long ago with sweet B.J. Novak. He looks so young here right?  Just a baby. Ok, I look younger here too.  Probably best time doing his hair was when we stayed late to bleach it blonde! but that came so much later…here, we were just so happy to be on the air still.

B.J. Novak and me, in the Hair & Makeup Trailer.

B.J. Novak and me, in the Hair & Makeup Trailer.

And below…a moment on location in Van Nuys, CA with Brian Baumgartner. He was always able to pick on me like a big brother would…he loved to instigate!  And always…made us laugh. SO not like “Kevin” at all.

Brian and me on Location in our local neighborhood, Van Nuys, CA.

Brian and me on Location in our local neighborhood, Van Nuys, CA.

Oh yes…My parking space sign that production made for me…I LOVED it!  I know it is the little things! But I had to share it.  Stared at it for years.


I parked in front of this sign for years! (yes, I ran into it a few times on early mornings too!)

Or the Lovely Kate Flannery after I had finished styling her for the 2008 Emmy’s.  She always asked me, and I always appreciated that she trusted me to give her a special Red Carpet Glam.  What a sweetheart!


The beautiful Kate Flannery after I styled her for The    2008 Emmy Awards ceremonies…it was a fun day!



A great moment captured with Kate FLannery and her many heads-I prepped all of these wigs for the episode that “Meredith” catches her hair on fire. They were all used on the stunt double- we burnt every one of them!


And one of my favorites photo moments I didn’t initiate.  Greg was running from the writers room to set and stopped me outside the stage doors. Yes, Greg Daniels was walking by and he asked to take a photo with me-his daughter had her camera with her and got the shot.  To think, if he had not brought The Office to american television, I would have had a much different life, as would everyone else on this show. BIG THANKS to Greg–our fearless leader.


Greg Daniels and me on the lot where The Office filmed for 9 years.

In the last few weeks of The Office…I had already accepted the Department Head position on Pretty Little Liars.  We were supposed to wrap the office before I started Pretty Little Liars but we took an additional week hiatus a few months before wrap and it threw my whole plan off.  I worked up until Sunday night at midnight, wrapped the office and then Monday morning found myself loading in to the make up and hair trailer for Pretty Little Liars at 9am.  I threw myself into my new job and was truly busy prepping that first week for a huge show ahead… and then working all season until November 1st fell upon me and I realized how quickly time had flown by.  So now that I have time to really realize what an epic adventure that show has been.

I felt a huge sadness to miss the last 5 days of filming the office.  I couldn’t believe I would miss the very last day.  It made me feel left out in a big way, but I had to move on and begin a new start.  And as always, if you are meant to keep in touch with people…you will.  Real friendships stay-past wrap parties, over the years, I am certain of that.  I am still friends with Bill Mumy and Stephen Furst!  They are actors from my very first job…Babylon 5.  20 years later, we keep in touch and grab lunch, coffee, just to keep connected.  In fact, Skip Beaudine, my producer on Pretty Little Liars was my FIRST BOSS ever in this business.  He was the line producer for Babylon 5.  Like I said, if it is meant to be, you will keep the friends you have made.  If you drift apart…it was not meant to be a lifetime friendship.  That is ok too.  Not everyone is supposed to be there forever.  As far as crew and cast, most were very understanding but I still felt guilty, like I was sneaking out or letting them down.  I prepped everything for the last days hair wise, continuity wise and promised to see everyone at the big wrap party in a week.  I left my Key Hairstylist, Debbie Pierce in charge of the last few days.  I took my 3rd hairstylist from the office, Shari Perry, with me, she became my new Key Hairstylist. We would go on to work the season of PLL together.  Debbie was starting her retirement, the office was over and it seemed to be the end of so many things for all of us.  It is true what they say, “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone”.  I always felt grateful for the longevity of our show.  The actors were kind and crew so very friendly.  We had it good.  All of us! It was great to be a small part of that special show.  It is iconic, it changed television forever. A documentary format evolved-and it created some seriously popular catch phrases into modern society. I still hear them everywhere… “That’s what she said!”

The lovely Jenna Fischer gets a touch up outside before we roll.

The lovely Jenna Fischer gets a touch up outside before we roll.

I thought it might be nice to share some of my favorite moments behind the camera with all of you. I have hundreds no, actually thousands of reference photos and personal photos but I think the blog would explode if I share them all! Ok…I will share a few select ones, as a nice photo tribute to the comedy I loved so much… The Office.


An instagram moment with Ms Angela Kinsey in my hair chair! Funny, charming woman.

An instagram moment with Ms Angela Kinsey in my hair chair! A truly funny, charming, talented woman. She loved her braids!


Taking a moment on set to read my next ‘office’ script.


Doing touch ups aboard the Maid of the Mist in Niagra Falls…on Jenna and John. I’m the one in red..the only one NOT wearing her protective rain gear. I like living on the edge.


One of my favorite paintings in Chicago-now my favorite ad ever for The Office! LOVED THIS!


Jennie Tan, creator of OFFICE TALLY-my favorite website for ALL things “Office”! Such a sweet lady, I always took a photo with her on her set visits! Check out her site_



Meredith Shaves her head on camera! My favorite, most creative moment on The Office. What a challenge! Thank goodness for Kate’s great sense of humor. She was a trooper!


Halloween look alikes! (Left to Right) Karan Dougherty-(Set Costumer) going as “Kevin Malone”, Alysia Raycraft-(Costume Designer) going as “Jim Halpert” Craig Robinson…as his adorable self and Kim M. Ferry-um me-going as Shirley (“Laverne & Shirley”)

Yes, fun times, lots of memories.  Thanks to all the cast, crew, families and friends from The Office.  It was truly an amazing show to be a part of.  Wishing the best to all that have gone on to other things.  Even though we have gour separate ways, I have already run into many crew and cast around town and I am sure we will meet up down the line on another show, or at a Starbucks someday.

Until then…hope you enjoyed a peek into a few of my favorite memories and for now…

HairFerry signing out.

Goodnight all.














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